Panini Minecraft -Time To Mine Booster pakke -

    Panini Minecraft -Time To Mine Booster pakke

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    Calling all Minecraft fans! A new collection is here!

    Super rich and appealing collection!
    New art, themes, and images from the game in new fantastic look and materials! 
    Parallels concept to make your collection more valuable and unique.

    The world of MINECRAFT like you’ve never seen it before in this ultimate Trading Cards Collection! 
    Collect the Parallel Cards and  make your collection unique!

    Each packet includes 8 cards. 

    Minecraft is an open-ended, block-building sandbox game where fans can explore their own unique world and create almost anything they can imagine. With over 126 million people playing Minecraft every month and over 200 million copies sold worldwide, Minecraft is the best-selling video game in history.